The difference between a room and a suite?

Room and suite

A room is a bedroom where you will stay. A suite is the more luxurious version. Often you will find room and suite doors that lead to the different rooms. In a suite you will usually find a front door and a door to the bathroom or bedroom. The more expensive ones even have sliding doors and a sitting area. Many of these doors are made of wood for a characteristic look. They also always have at least one door to the hallway. You often choose a suite when you receive business visitors for whom you need the space. Usually there is a living room behind the bedroom also called the back room.

Where can you find a room and suite?

A room or suite can be found in almost all hotels. But also some bed and breakfasts use them. When you rent a room to go on vacation or something else, you usually have a bed and other basic needs. A suite is often rented for business occasions. Ideal if you want to get a deal done with all the privacy that goes with it. A room is a common term in hotels and is the most booked. This is due to the favorable rates that are associated with it.

What is the cost of making a room and suite?

It is often made with characteristic features. Think of elements from other years such as the 30s or 60s. The average price is around 10 and 15 thousand euros. This includes the installation of all elements and VAT. Often you can get this co-financed in the loan or mortgage that you have taken out. The room itself offers many possibilities besides just sleeping. Often business meetings are held here as well.

What do you use a room and suite for?

In many households but also in hotels, a room en suite has been created to create a business space. It is an ideal way to be able to work from home without having to be bothered by other family members. It is often made up of a dichotomy of meeting room and study. The most beautiful are wooden room en suite doors to create a grand reception.

Why is it mainly made of wood?

There are several reasons why most room and suite are built from wood. The most important reason is that it reflects an authentic style. In addition, wood is something that lives and therefore conveys a certain atmosphere. It is a material that has been used for years for various objects. It is therefore a timeless design, but you can also buy authentic parts on the internet that reflect a certain time. Often MDF wood is the best choice to work with. This material is made of a very fine wood structure. When it gets older you can see it come to life. Wood is also durable and often lasts more than 100 years.

Build a room in your own house

Some choose to build a room en suite into their existing home. This is ideal when you want to separate your work and sleeping space from the space where other family members will be. A preconception is that it would take up a lot of space. But that is not true at all. When placing the curtains, the darkest room in the house is taken into consideration. This means that you do not make the rooms smaller. Also, the incoming light is ideally reflected in your room and suite. This creates a pleasant environment both in the early and late hours.

Build an authentic space

When you choose a room en suite you want to create something with character. It is not only an indispensable space, but you also get the chance to separate business and private matters in your home. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Many people claim that it makes the other spaces smaller. But that is not true because it is always built on the darkest spot in the house. In this way you combine atmosphere with space and you can retreat into your own home for a while. People also enjoy living here. It is actually nothing more and nothing less than a large room divided into several spaces. Work and private life have never been so well separated.

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