What are plastic pallets?

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are lightweight pallets that are also environmentally friendly. You improve the climate because you can easily recycle them. With a weight of 5 kg, they weigh much less than a wooden pallet. For now it is widely used in aviation to transport packages and letters. But we expect much more of it in the future because it is something that contributes to a better environment. The current types can carry a weight up to 500 kilograms. So that they would be weaker is now outdated. When it is too damaged you can recycle it completely and have it melted down to a new pallet.

Why people choose plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are available in many sizes and types. That is why many people buy them. You are also doing well from a sustainability point of view because you can recycle this product completely. Or what about the costs you save on storage and disposal costs? On the internet you can find more than 200 types. You can also get them in the color sizes that you choose. In this way you personalize the load with your own touch! Because of the lower weight you also get less CO2 emissions which contributes to a better environment.

Plastic pallets risk

Plastic pallets reduce business risks in terms of safety. Did you know that euro pallets often have splinters which employees can grasp? Because everything has to happen quickly these days, people often forget to wear work gloves. The advantage of a plastic pallet is that you cannot get splinters. Wood also needs to be treated or repaired every so often, which is much less with plastic.

Life span of plastic pallets

The life span of plastic pallets is many times longer than wooden pallets. This is because it is a much firmer material that cannot splinter as long as you handle it carefully. If you keep to the standards that the supplier gives you can do up to years with the pallets. Another big advantage is that you can keep these pallets in the rain. Where wooden pallets are warped or worth nothing, this variant does not. The purchase cost may be slightly higher but in the long run you keep more budget. It is completely recyclable, hand in your old one and have a new one made. This will save you some money on the purchase.

Benefits of plastic pallets

Plastic pallets have been a cost-saving alternative for many companies for years. You are no longer bound by tricky deposit rules and conditions, but simply pay a one-off amount for the pallet. In addition, you can assemble the pallet in the size you prefer. A sustainable product often lasts longer and costs little or nothing to dispose of. So it is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. The maintenance costs of synthetic materials are many times lower than those of wooden materials.

Buy used plastic pallets online

There are many addresses on the Internet where you can buy plastic pallets that have already been used. The advantage of this is that you deal with materials in a sustainable way. But what do you have to look for? First of all you should look at the condition of the pallet. Has it not been worn down too much for its carrying capacity? Most shops recycle these pallets but some still try to sell them. Next, the budget determines whether you want a solid or a cheap alternative. Because plastic pallets are less worn they can also last much longer than wooden pallets.

Benefits of plastic pallets

The biggest advantage of plastic pallets is that you can store them anywhere, regardless of the weather. You also save valuable time on maintenance of the pallets. If you treat them well, you can get on with it for a few years. They are also easier to stack so they are no longer in the way. Mold has no chance when you clean them regularly. Plastic is generally less sensitive to mold and bacteria. They also meet the HACCP standards. These pallets can also be transported outside Europe, which means you can trade internationally.

Properties of plastic pallets

If you want to contribute to a better environment, plastic pallets are a sustainable option. They are often made of biological plastic, which not only provides sturdiness but also a long lifespan. In addition, they are easier to recycle than wood. When you want to store pallets after emptying them, this is the most efficient way. Another advantage is that you can have it made in the sizes you like. So you always transport the stuff your way. Also you don't have to pay a deposit for this which makes sure you keep a bigger buffer.

How are plastic pallets made?

Often plastic pallets are made to measure by means of a mould. It is done with what is called an injection molding process. This ensures that you can often make it in the shape that is convenient for both you and the transporter. But it also ensures that you can transport your belongings more safely without unnecessary gaps. But you can also easily store them in a pallet box. Because no loose connections are used, the pallet can withstand much more. They are also less likely to be damaged, which makes for a smooth logistical process without disruptions. They are also completely recyclable, which means that a broken pallet can be melted down to make a new one.

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