Meghan Markle interview with Oprah

meghan markle interview

During the Meghan Markle interview with Oprah, many things came to light. Among other things, Meghan hinted that they were married 3 days before the royal wedding. They did this with the three of them. Many people criticized this. The wedding that was organized by the royal family cost 37 million. And of course this caused a lot of anger among the British people. So this exchange of words is not considered to be the official wedding. After a lot of commotion Harry and Meghan have resigned themselves to this although they find it sad to remember this.

What happened after the Meghan Markle interview

After the infamous Meghan Markle interview, we didn't see her on public television or in the media for a long time. But after about a month of radio silence, she shines again on the front page of several newspapers. This is partly due to the beautiful pink dress she donned. She recorded a video message for the Vaxlive concert. She did this in her own backyard and she spoke boldly about the influence corona had on society. It was especially directed towards the women and the effect on their lives. The priority, of course, was placed on this nasty disease and especially how we can overcome it.

Oprah's opinion on the Meghan Markle interviews

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey had no idea what would be brought up during the Meghan Markle interview. So she was also very surprised by the revelations Meghan made. But mostly she was proud of Meghan for daring to bring this out. This takes a lot of courage and bravery according to Oprah. However, they were prepared for the impact of the interview. Oprah said she did everything possible to make sure nothing would leak. After the death of his father, Harry did return to the British royal family. Meghan could not be there because of her pregnancy. Oprah also expressed her support for the family in these difficult times.

The impact on daily life by Meghan Markle interview

The Meghan Markle interview has affected the lives of various people in various aspects. For instance, a negative veil has come over the British royal family. However, this does show that the subject needs to be thought about and the nobility needs to adapt to it as well. It also shows that you don't get a hearing everywhere when you have problems. These are problems that people also encounter in everyday life. Because a strong woman like Meghan stands up against this and wants to bring about change, people feel heard. It is not difficult to offer a listening ear. But when someone cries out for help, it has to be given.

The effect of the Meghan Markle interview

The interview of movie star and Princess of Sussex Meghan Markle has made many people think. Besides the fact that such an interview is a feast for most people, it also revealed that she has attempted to commit suicide. For this she has complained several times to the staff of the British royal family. However, she continually got no hearing from these people. They were of the opinion that Meghan should just turn this off and that she should behave like a princess. In the Netherlands, this has brought a lot of attention to the subject. People dare to talk more about suicide and the thoughts that go with it.

How many people watched?

About 1.5 million people watched the prime time broadcast of Meghan Markle's interview. However, there are also many people who have watched it before through American streaming services. In addition, there are also several people who are still watching the interview back today. And it is also used as educational material in schools and mental health institutions. She has brought in such a unique and discussable way that people dare to ask for help. Unfortunately, the downside is that there is now a stain on the British royal family.

Meghan Markle interview inspiration for big and small

By discussing her mental issues in the in Meghan Markle interview, she has made a lot of people think. It has also raised a lot of dust around discrimination and what the prejudices are that the noble side of the family has. Many people have been so impressed by this that they use it as inspiration to alert other people. By doing this you make a problem like racism, suicide or not feeling good about yourself negotiable. Many Dutch and British people are therefore proud that she has told this. And many understand how difficult this must have been and why they moved to America.

The dark side of a dream life

Meghan Markle's interview shows that the dream life also has a dark side. For example, you are not always heard by others and you have to solve your problems yourself. So people forget that people with a dream life are just people too. It also showed that racism is far from being a thing of the past. Not even in a role model role as the royal family has. The message of the conversation is that you shouldn't be ashamed to ask for help and that you should look at things in a positive light. When you want something, even if it is with the prince of Great Britain, remember that there may be disadvantages. But also that you can go on and move for a normal life. This just takes a lot of time.

Conclusion interviews Meghan Markle

The conclusion we can draw is that this Meghan Markle interview has stayed with us the most and will continue to do so in the future. It also makes us discuss the social problems in the world like suicide and depression. And it shines a spotlight on racism and the royal family. In short, enough that we have learned something from it.

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