Roasting ribs

Roasting ribs

Roasting ribs is an activity that usually happens during the winter. When the days are mostly dark, you often have more time for this dish. Preparing steaks takes time, because they need to cook for a long time for an optimal result. You can prepare it by putting the meat out an hour beforehand. This way, it can already buy some time to get up to temperature. Another tip is to pat the meat dry. This way the spices can better attach to the meat. The best is to spice the meat with some salt and pepper. Make sure that you do not use too much salt, because it takes away the moisture. It is an international dish that is eaten a lot in countries like the Netherlands and Ireland. However it is something that almost everyone likes and you can eat it often.

How can you roast ribs?

When roasting ribs, it is wise to let the meat come to room temperature beforehand. On average, people take it out of the fridge 30-60 minutes in advance. Next, you pat the meat dry and season it to taste. It is best to let some butter melt for a full flavor. Then you are going to sear the meat lightly. Take the meat out of the pan and fry the onion and garlic. Do this until it starts to look glassy. Then you can put the meat back in the pan and add some water. Sometimes the water is replaced by dark beer, but you have to like this. You let it cook for about 2 to 3 hours, depending on the weight of the meat. If you want you can add some binding agent at the end to make the gravy thicker. This is how simple it is to prepare ribs.

Why this dish is so popular

Roasting ribs is usually done during special occasions. However, in recent years it has become more affordable so it can actually be eaten throughout the winter. Usually you see in the winter that many people do this. This is also for the reason that they often have more time and thus can make the perfect rib steak. There are many variants and flavors that you can make of it. It is also sometimes used for making stew. For this you have to cut the meat in small pieces so it becomes nice and tender. You can add herbs to taste. However, this meat is already full of flavour so it is not necessarily necessary. In most cases it is served with potatoes and red cabbage. But it is also delicious with a stew.

This way you can roast the most delicious ribs

You really need to take your time when roasting ribs. It needs a lot of time to cook perfectly. The best way is to fry it with butter until brown and then add water or beer for slow cooking. The meat will be well done because you cook it at a slow pace. Turning up the heat is pointless, because then you get a meat structure that is too hard. This is a process that just takes time and do not start if you do not have enough time. It is also good to add cloves and bay leaf to the gravy. This will give it a stronger taste.

Why does preparing or frying ribs take so much time?

Roasting ribs takes a lot of time because these animals have moved around a lot in their lives. This is also the reason that the meat has a better bite. It is best to cook it as soft as possible. So you need a lot of patience, but tastes differ and you can also like it with a crust around it. You can do this by frying it a bit longer in the beginning so it gets a darker color. Then you start to stew the meat for about 2 to 3 hours. It is also nice to cook it in aluminum foil. In this way, the heat reaches the core of the meat, making it even juicier and more tender.

Who chooses to roast ribs

Roasting ribs is usually done by the older generation. Many people know this dish from the holidays at their grandparents' house. But of course you can make this dish all year round. However, it is a real winter dish and when you eat it too often the taste will be gone. You can also make stew of this dish, which is very popular with many families.

What makes this dish unique and flavorful?

Roasting ribs and cooking them slowly gives them a soft and juicy taste. Also, the meat has a bite which most people love. This is the reason why some people can't wait to eat it. However, it takes a long time before it is ready. That is why it is often made in the winter during the dark days. The best way to eat this is with mashed potatoes or a delicious boiled potato. Vegetables are usually red cabbage or another soft vegetable. It is also delicious to add to the many different stews we know. Of course you can add some gravy to it.


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