What do children learn in elementary school?

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At the time your child first enters elementary school, as a parent it is interesting to know exactly what a child will be taught in elementary school. After all, in the eight years that they attend school, children need to know enough. Furthermore, it is also important for the children themselves that they know as much as the children who attend another school. 

Core objectives of an elementary school

The core objectives of every elementary school are the same. This is because this is the legal basis of education in the Netherlands. The kerndoelen create the guidelines for the school where they can contract the education. The core objectives include the things that people think are important for people to learn in the Netherlands. 

All the core objectives that exist are fixed for each elementary school. Furthermore, this is determined separately for all subjects that are given in elementary school. For example, there are a fixed number of subjects that must be taught when you are in elementary school. These are the basic subjects that exist. 

There are several subjects that must be taught in elementary school. As a result, there are also a number of key objectives for each subject that the school must adhere to. These core objectives ensure that it is clear what exactly a child must learn. However, there are many different subjects that can be used for this. 

In addition, there are a number of things that a school can do itself. There are additional subjects that can be taught. Furthermore, a school may share certain beliefs with a student. As a parent it is important to make sure that all this fits in with your own education. 


Perhaps one of the most important subjects you get in the Netherlands is Dutch. This is because with Dutch you get the Dutch language with everything you need to function properly. There are a number of parts of the Dutch language that have different core objectives. 

Oral language development

The first part of Dutch you learn in elementary school is the oral development of language. This is an important development in order to function well in Dutch society. Therefore, there are a number of requirements for oral language development. 

For example, the first core goal here is that children receive all information through oral communication. This basically just means that the teacher gives the information by talking. Of course, it is possible to shape the information by means of a written explanation. 

The second core purpose here is that children learn to express themselves in the form and content of what they want to say. Through this, children learn to express themselves, explain to others, instruct and discuss. It is important for a child's development that this is done well. 

Third, children should learn to evaluate information for themselves. The idea here is that the children will form their own opinions and also learn to express them. It is possible to do this in the form of an informative or opinionated conversation. In this way children also learn to respond with their own arguments. 

I learn to write

Of course, it is very nice to have children who come home with I learn to write. This is because I learn to write is an important part of a child's development. In fact, the moment a child does not get I learn to write at school, it is useful for the future. 

However, I learn to write in school is not just writing. This is because I learn to write is also learning to read. The core objectives then do not only refer to I learn to write, but also to learning to read. 

The core objectives

For example, the first core objective is to have children extract information from written sources. This should include the use of diagrams, tables, and digital sources. A child can learn to process the text better this way.

The second core objective is for children to learn to write according to form and content. This involves learning the different ways they can write. Learning to write can be quite a difficult task for a child to do. I learn to write is therefore important to teach them in the form of informing, instructing, convincing or amusing. 

Third, it is important that the children learn to organize and process information. Here the idea is that the children can separate information from opinions. It is also important that they can process and evaluate it. 

I learn to write is one of the essential things a child must be able to do when they are in elementary school. This is why it is also one of the first things a child learns. For learning it is important to be able to I learn to write. This is because I learn to write ensures that it is possible to learn everything better. By starting this as early as possible, it is possible to teach children this for their entire lives. After all, I learn to write is not something you just forget. 

Mathematics and Arithmetic

Mathematics and math, unlike in high school, is taught as one subject in elementary school. In this, it is actually only called arithmetic. This is because these skills are trained on first to ensure that the children can function well in them. This is very important for developing numeracy skills. 

The core objectives

When it comes to math and arithmetic, you are also up against a number of core objectives in elementary school. This is because there are a number of important things that mathematics and arithmetic in elementary school should revolve around. As an elementary school, it is important to adjust your lessons to this. 

The first goal of mathematics and arithmetic is for children to learn to deal with numbers and also to see the relationship between them. It is important for children to learn to count with numbers, whole numbers, comma numbers, fractions, percents and ratios. It is important for children to learn to calculate with these in practical situations. 

The second goal of math and arithmetic is to learn all whole numbers up to and including 100. This should be able to be quickly stepped up by the children. Furthermore, addition and subtraction with numbers up to twenty should be excellent. Tables should also be learned. 

Third, children learn to use the calculator in a practical way. It is very important for the children to be able to do this. After all, this is something they will have to use a lot in high school as well. Therefore, this is important to prepare children for further opportunities to learn. 

It is also a core goal to teach children addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This ensures that they can use these skills when needed. This should be done through a number of standard procedures. However, here it is a choice of the school whether this is a normal or an abbreviated procedure. 

Geometry and mathematics

Mathematics and math in elementary school is primarily about math. However, it is also important for children to pick up various other skills. Children also learn about geometry and mathematics. This is also important for the development of a child. 

Thus, the children must also learn how to measure. This is why the children learn how to tackle geometric problems. In fact, this is also a core objective for a school. The children learn geometry by dealing with different measures such as time, money, length, perimeter, area, content, weight, speed and temperature. 

Finally, it is also important for the children to develop mathematical understanding. Here it is important to be able to read and write the language of mathematics. Furthermore, they learn how to solve practical and formal mathematical problems. They also learn how to substantiate the outcome and evaluate the solutions. 


Every elementary school in the Netherlands must also teach geography to the children. This is because it is important for the development of the children. There are a number of important objectives around which the lessons can be built. 

For example, it is important first of all that the children learn to compare their own living environment with that of others. This is important to be able to do in their own country, but also abroad. This involves looking at a number of perspectives. We look at the landscape, living, working, administration, traffic, recreation, prosperity, culture and philosophy of life. 

Furthermore, the children should learn how the Netherlands dealt with the sea in our country. It is important that the children know what measures were taken to ensure that threatened areas were not flooded. This will make the children respect the way the sea has been dealt with. 

Children should also learn about the global distribution of populations and cultures. In doing so, they also learn about climates, energy sources, and nature landscapes. Nature landscapes are landscapes such as volcanoes, deserts, rainforests, high mountains, and rivers. 

Finally, the children must learn to use the map or an atlas. This is often done in the form of topography. It is not only important to do this for the Netherlands, but also for Europe and the rest of the world. This way the children develop their own image of the world. 


Biology is also an important subject to be taught in elementary school. This is because here children learn what animals and nature are. Furthermore, they also learn something about their own bodies. For the development of the child it is important to have enough knowledge about this. 

The first core objective of biology in elementary school is for children to learn how to distinguish common plants and animals in their own environment. In doing so, the children also learn what the name of these plants or animals is and what the function of the animals is. 

The second core objective of biology is for children to learn how plants, animals and humans are built. They also learn what the form and function of certain parts of the body are. It is up to the school how exactly this is worked out. 

As a third core objective, it is important for the children to do their own research based on various phenomena that you encounter in physics. Think about light, sound, electricity, force, magnetism and temperature. Furthermore, they learn how to describe the climate with temperature, precipitation and wind. 

The fourth core objective of biology is for children to learn how to learn about products from their own environment, the relationship between how they work, the shape and the material used. In doing so, the children should also learn how to easily solve technical problems with these products. They also learn how to apply the solution and evaluate the problem at the end. 

Furthermore, the children also learn the position of the earth in relation to the sun and other planets. In doing so, they also learn how this affects the seasons we know. 

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