Securing van against theft and burglary. The best tips

Securing van against theft and burglary. The best tips

Unfortunately, vans are often the target of theft and burglary. As a result, securing your van is more important than ever. Especially now that it's winter and the days are short. In this article, we share some of the best tips for securing your van.

Secure the cargo area

The cargo area often contains valuable tools or goods that need to be taken to customers. Thieves know that. Therefore, make sure the cargo space is properly secured by having cargo space security installed, for example Carbolt cargo space protection

This is an effective system where locks are installed at the access points of the cargo area. The locks are installed on the inside of the cargo space so that it is not visible from the outside exactly where the locks are located, making it much more difficult to break open the cargo space.

Operation is quite simple. A control panel is mounted in the driver's cabin that allows you to lock and unlock the locks with the push of a button. By the way, do not forget to also secure the cargo area with window grilles if there are windows in the cargo area.

Secure the shifter with a shifter lock

Another way to secure your van is to have a gearbox lock from Bearlock to be installed. A transmission lock prevents shifting from the driver's cab. 

Because the lock is mechanical, there is virtually no chance of malfunction. The lock works very simply using a little key that you insert into the lock while driving and remove from the lock after driving. Van security can be that simple.

Protect against hacking via the OBD plug

Through the OBD plug, criminals can program new keys and make off with your van. Therefore, it is advisable to have an OBD lock installed that blocks access to the OBD plug. 

The operation of this lock is simple and similar to the gearbox lock. When you insert the key you can open the lock and when you turn the key and remove it again it is locked again.

Remember the valuables under the hood

Under the hood are valuable car parts, such as the battery, for example. Some thieves target the valuable parts located under the hood. This is why we recommend having a hood lock installed. 

This lock serves as an additional security on top of the lock that comes standard from the factory. This is because this standard lock is relatively weak and easy to break open. With a hood lock, you provide effective security and protect the items under the hood.

Use common sense

In addition to securing your van, it is important to simply use common sense to reduce the chances of misery. By this we mean that if you have windows in the cargo area that you do not leave valuables unattended in the cargo area. And further, we recommend that you always park the van in plain sight rather than in a secluded lot where criminals can make their move undisturbed.

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