What to include on a Moving Checklist


When you are moving a Checklist is always handy to make. This way you will not forget to pack or take things with you. There is also a possibility to outsource the moving process. When you do this you also need a list so they know what to do. Besides packing things there is a lot more on this list. Take for example cancelling the rent, gas, water and electricity. But you also have to send a change of address to companies and institutions. But the most important thing is to prepare and pack your belongings. This should not be done at the last minute. Our advice is to do this 1 or 2 months in advance.

Questions for Moving Checklist

The first questions you ask when making a moving checklist are important. For example, you need to make sure that everything is left behind neatly. You also want to keep an overview of your belongings so making separate boxes, crates or bags with a label is wise. 

So in your new house you know exactly where to put it. But it is also smart to throw away stuff you haven't used in over a year. Otherwise you are carrying for someone with a short name. This does not only cost time but also money. It is also smart not to pack all your sheets. You might need them for the furniture to avoid damaging it. It is also useful to make sure that the furniture is disassembled. It takes a lot of preparation but it is important for a smooth move.

What not to forget with a Checklist when moving house

Many people overlook small things when they make a Moving Checklist. For example, you may still have to pay municipal taxes for a certain period of time. You don't want to miss out on these letters, so give your new address in good time to avoid any reminders. You may also have to sell or cancel a parking space near the house. It is important to agree this with the new seller so that you do not incur any unnecessary costs. It is also important to leave the house at least broom clean. Landlords or new buyers can charge for this and it is often done by expensive companies.

Some examples you will find on a Moving Checklist

On the internet you can find a lot of examples of moving checklists. It is wise to check which things apply to you. It may also be useful to compare several of these lists with each other. There is a difference between renting and buying and therefore also the conditions attached to it. Don't forget to empty the freezer and refrigerator because if they are not used for a long time they can get mouldy and need to be professionally cleaned. But you will also find on this list the points you should pay attention to before you leave the house. Many people say I don't forget anything but in practice the opposite is true. You also need to take a picture of the meter reading or make a good note of it. This is very important because otherwise you might pay too much or too little.

Administrative Checklist Moving

When you move house, the checklist also includes a lot of hassle. For example, passing on the new address to companies, family and friends. But you will also have to pass on the final meter readings in your old home. If you have bought or rented a parking space, you can also cancel it when you no longer live there. It is also important to pass on your new address for municipal taxes. Nobody wants to be stuck with double costs. Some municipalities also require you to leave behind an environmental pass for the new residents. Insurance companies also continue to pay, so you will want to receive your mail at your new address.

Extra tips for making a moving checklist

Set aside time to make a checklist for moving. This will allow you to make a schedule and maybe also clear out that old junk that you are not using first. If you don't do this you will only move the problem and it will take more time to move. If you have too much stuff and are downsizing, reserve a garage or storage unit in advance. Make sure you hand in the keys on time so you don't forget and have extra keys made for your new home. If you are renting a property, the landlord has probably already done this. But the most important thing is to pass on your new address, because then you will also receive the correct expenses or travel allowance.

Pets Moving Checklist

Your pets should also be on your moving checklist. Some are microchipped and if they run away they are brought to the address that is registered. But it is even more important to take all their toys and accessories with you. Maybe there is something buried in the garden that they are attached to. Keep a close eye on this just before you move. These are probably the most important animals in your life so you need to make sure you don't forget anything.

What to do on the day

On the day itself you run through the Moving Checklist for the last time. You also check whether all household appliances are empty and switched off. In addition, you should make a final check of all cupboards to ensure they are empty and clean. Also check the rooms of your children if they have not forgotten anything. And then it is time to move. Perhaps it is interesting to let a moving company do this. They can do this much faster because this is their daily business. And as a final tip don't forget to take a picture of the meter reading. Then you always have proof that these are the right ones because there is a time stamp on it.

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