The difference between garden renovation and landscaping

The difference between garden renovation and landscaping

A garden is not just a piece of land outside your home. No, it is an extension of your living space, a place where you can unwind, enjoy nature and socialize with friends or family over drinks and meals.

But what if the outdoor space is no longer to your liking? Then you have to make the decision whether you want to renovate your garden or have an entirely new garden built. But what is actually the difference between garden renovation and laying out a new garden?

Garden renovation: partial refurbishment of existing gardens

Garden renovation involves renewing your existing garden so that the garden is once again to your liking. The renovate the garden can range from minor changes, such as replacing plants and adding new decorative elements, to more drastic changes, such as redesigning the layout or renovating the patio or fence.

When do you choose garden renovation?

  • You want to maintain the existing structure of your garden, but some parts are in need of replacement.
  • You want to improve or modify certain aspects of your garden without changing the entire garden.
  • Your garden needs maintenance and you want to take the opportunity to make some improvements.

The construction of a new garden

When you build a new garden, you clear the entire garden and create a design for your new garden. Creating a garden design is a big difference between garden renovation and laying out a new garden and is best not skipped.

The having a garden design created namely, ensures that you think carefully about what you want with the new garden. It also prevents you from overlooking important issues. Consider, for example:

  • A play area for the children
  • A good balance of plantings that do/do not require maintenance
  • Stormwater drainage and collection
  • Shaded areas

When to choose to build a new garden?

We recommend building a new garden if your existing garden is largely not to your liking. Renovating then makes little sense. 

Creating a new garden can also be a good choice if there are many gardening problems. Think of poor drainage of rainwater, plants that have grown way too big, a terrace that has subsided and the fence that needs replacing.

Asking a landscaper for advice

If you are unsure between building the new garden or having your existing garden renovated, we recommend that you ask a landscaper for advice. He will visit your garden and make a recommendation based on your wishes and any garden problems.

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