What vacancies are there in the automotive industry?

Automotive vacancies

Automotive vacancies, also known as vacancies in the car industry, are very diverse. It could be that you are responsible for the appearance of the car, for example. Or what about the workshop or warehouse manager? Without these people, the parts don't get to the right place. But you can also find these vacancies in the production of parts. All activities you can imagine in the car world belong here. So also appraiser for used and new cars. But also selling cars is a profession and therefore falls under this.

Where can you find automotive vacancies?

Automotive vacancies can be found everywhere on the internet. But of course you can also find them at companies or at the UWV job centre. Or what about the advertising that many companies put on their cars. Also you can always send an open application to a company. Perhaps they are expanding and are looking for staff but have not had time to fill the vacancy. It also shows that you are actively looking for work and all you have to show is what you can do for the company. But also word of mouth advertising is still effective today. So also ask friends, family or acquaintances.

What are automotive vacancies?

Everything that has to do with the automotive industry is automotive vacancies. Whether you are looking for a job as a maintenance mechanic or you prefer to sell fat cars. This is all part of the industry and without 1 of the 2 a company cannot function. In addition, training new apprentices is also part of a company. It may therefore be that they are looking for a master car mechanic. But also working on a production line is part of this. At big companies like Tesla or VDL you can regularly apply for a job. Without the production line, no car would ever leave the assembly line. But workshop and warehouse employees are also indispensable to the industry. What work can you do

What kind of salary can you expect in the automotive industry?

The salary for automotive vacancies is a market conform salary. There are differences between full-time (40 hours) and part-time (up to 36 hours). Other than that, you can't complain and it all depends on where you work. If you are selling cars then you will often get a commission per car on top of your salary. But for repairing cars the salary can be higher. At the end of the day everyone gets the same salary. This is based on the staff that works on the shop floor. You can also decide to work as a self-employed person. Make sure you have the right insurances and take this into account in the hourly wage.

What conditions are set in automotive vacancies?

There are no real specific prerequisites for automotive vacancies. It depends on the vacancy that suits you best which education you need to have had. As a salesperson, a commercial diploma is often sufficient. But as a car mechanic, you need to know all the ins and outs. For this you also need to follow a training. There is also a difference between young and old timers. But also between production work and working in a workshop. The salaries are just like in other professions depending on the job requirements and the number of diplomas.

Orientation in the automotive industry

When you don't know yet what you want to do exactly, you can always have a look at the automotive vacancies. These give an insight of the most common tasks that fit the profession. Many companies are also open to people who want to join them for a day or just want to look around in the garage. This way you can get an idea of what the different employees within a company do. You could also visit a production factory. They regularly hold open days for people to come and take a look.

What's so great about automotive?

Automotive vacancies are recommended to everyone who is interested in cars. Many companies also offer the opportunity to grow into other positions. This way you can build yourself and of course your salary. This way you can get an idea of what is going on in the automotive industry. When you see new jobs, it usually means that something is changing. The automotive industry is moving more and more towards digital technologies. But this doesn't mean that the oldtimers don't need to be maintained anymore. There is an aging population at the moment which makes it easier for you to find a job in the industry. But also when you want to develop the new technologies first there are many jobs to be found.

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