5 packaging strategies to make the customer experience even better!

5 packaging strategies to make the customer experience even better!

When you have an online shop, it is important that customers have a positive experience when receiving your products. A good unboxing experience depends on several elements, think about how the shipping packaging looks and how the contents are presented. In this blog, we give you 5 packaging strategies that can help you make the customer experience better! 

1. Personalize the shipping package

The appearance of shipping packaging is the first thing customers see when receiving the package. A good first impression is then very important. You can leave a good impression by choosing a shipping package with a nice pattern or in which the company colors are reflected. But you can also personalize the shipment packaging with your own logo or company name. For example by printing of letterbox boxes or shipping bags at Rotimshop.com. The printing will increase brand awareness and can make a lasting impression on your customers. 

2. Choose the right packaging

There are different shipping packages you can use to send packages. For example, think of a shipping bag or shipping box. It is important that you choose a shipping package that matches the product you are sending. This is because it emphasizes the quality of the products and will give customers a positive impression of your company. 

3. Personalize the package

You can make the package even more personal by adding a handwritten card or discount code, for example. This will make customers feel special that you care about them. Customers will then definitely remember you.

4. Choose environmentally friendly packaging

Shipping packages is not always environmentally friendly, even though customers are finding that increasingly important. Using environmentally friendly packaging is then a good start. For example, you can make sure that the product fits perfectly into the shipping package or that the shipping package is made from recycled materials. 

5. Make unpacking an experience

Unpacking a package should be as customer-friendly as possible. Make sure the shipping box or shipping bag is easy to open and can also be used to return products if necessary. A pleasant unboxing experience will certainly leave customers with a positive feeling.

In short, sending packages requires attention. After all, leaving a good impression with customers can also increase the likelihood of repeat purchases! Do you already have an idea of how you will apply the packaging strategies? Super! Then there's nothing else to do but surprise customers with your packages from now on. 

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