What do you use an anti-slip mat for?

What do you use an anti-slip mat for?

An anti-slip mat is mainly used in wet areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. This is because an anti-slip mat is meant to prevent slipping. These mats are also frequently used in swimming pools, gyms and hospitals, for example. An anti-slip mat ensures that you have more grip on the surface so that you are less likely to slip. This is very important to avoid! Especially if you are a little older or less agile. If you land on the wrong spot, you may break something or worse. You want to avoid that at all costs! Would you like to use an anti-slip mat in the shower? Then always make sure the mat has good suction cups. These suck themselves to the floor and will not slide or float.

Is an anti-slip mat customizable?

Yes, it is possible to have an anti-slip mat custom made. The advantage of a custom-made mat is that it fits your specific situation perfectly. Tailoring is also easy to do yourself. You can easily cut or trim the mat to size. Cutting, however, is often preferred. Scissors can be blunt and not cut properly, causing damage. It is a shame if this causes damage since the mat is new. At you will find a large assortment of anti-slip mats. They include mats that are custom made as well as standard size mats.

How do you clean a non-slip mat?

To ensure that an anti-slip mat continues to work well, it is important to clean it regularly. This keeps it working well but also makes it more hygienic. After all, in the bathroom you also stand with your bare feet on the mat. Therefore, it is also very important to keep it clean. Below are some tips to clean the anti-slip mat:

  • First, remove all loose hair and dirt from the mat with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Then make a suds of warm water and mild soap.
  • Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the mat. Be careful not to scrub too hard; this can cause damage to the non-slip material and any print.
  • Rinse the mat with clean water and let it dry.

Notice: Do not use aggressive cleaning agents such as bleach or vinegar. These can damage the non-slip material, reducing its effectiveness. Ideally, use neutral or baby soap. These do not contain any corrosive substances that can cause damage.

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