Don't forget this on your packing list weekend away

Don't forget this on your packing list weekend away

Preparing a packing list weekend away can be a bit stressful. Obviously, you don't want to find out that you forgot something when you have already left. Although the exact composition of a packing list weekend away will vary from person to person and location to location, there are some things you should always pack. These include entertainment for the road, important documents, first aid items, personal care products and the right clothes.

Packing list weekend away for the road

There are several ways you can travel when you go away for the weekend. The way you go to your destination will affect what you bring for the road. For example, when you go by car it is easier to bring food and drinks than when you travel by plane. If possible, it is certainly advisable to bring food and drink for the road. To combat boredom, it is also a good idea to take along some entertainment. For example, you can think of a book to read or a puzzle book. If you have a small game console or travel games, this is also a good option.

Carrying important documents

On a packing list weekend away, important documents can certainly not be forgotten. You should always have a passport or ID card with you but when you go abroad this is even more important. When traveling by car, it is also very important to bring your driver's license. Although you would obviously not hope for it, it is also possible that you will need your health card. In that case it is important that you have it with you. Finally, it is useful to print out and bring with you confirmations of, among other things, the accommodation and any transport.

Be prepared for accidents and illness on your packing list weekend away

During a weekend away, there is unfortunately always a chance of accidents and illness. To be prepared for this, it is important to put some first aid items on the packing list weekend away. For example, it is always handy to have disinfectant and plasters or bandages with you in case someone gets hurt. It is also handy to have painkillers with you in this case. It is also possible that you will fall ill during a weekend away. To be able to deal with this it is useful to have diarrhea inhibitors and antacids with you. If you suffer from motion sickness, you can also add travel sickness medication to the weekend away packing list.

Personal care products for your packing list weekend away

Personal care products are often products that need to be packed at the last minute. This is because you will need these products just before you leave. Think for example of deodorant, makeup, hair styling products and a toothbrush and toothpaste. By having these products ready in your suitcase or bag and packing them immediately after use, you avoid forgetting them. There are also a number of care products on the packing list weekend away that you can pack earlier. These include products for the shower such as shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Also products for intimate hygiene, facial cleansing products and nail scissors or files can be packed in advance.

The clothes you will need

One of the points that people often struggle with when making a packing list weekend away is the clothing that needs to go with it. First of all, you will need to determine what kind of clothing you will need. If you're going to a warm destination this will be very different from when you go to a cold destination. Also, the activities you will be doing will determine the type of clothing you need to pack. For a sporty weekend away, you will mainly need easy sports clothes. Also take into account the activities you will be doing when choosing the shoes you will be bringing.

The amount of clothing you need to pack

Once you have a good overview of the kind of clothes you want to take along you can move on to determining the amount of clothes needed. For a weekend away you will generally not need a lot of extra clothing. In most cases it is also not necessary to bring extra shoes. In any case, make sure you have enough underwear with you. A good packing list for the weekend also includes extra clothing for when clothes get dirty or can no longer be worn for other reasons. If you bring a plastic bag or garbage bag, you can collect clothes in it that you are not going to wear anymore during the weekend.

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