Start your own home improvement store

Start your own home improvement store

When you want to start your own business and once you have found your passion such as interior design, starting a home furnishing store can be a good challenge. Especially since, like clothes, everyone needs an interior. There are more Dutch people nowadays who are willing to spend more money than before on their interiors. You can think of good basic elements but also home accessories that make everything complete. You can choose to buy everything in or of course design it yourself on a smaller scale. Either way, if you want to start, it is useful to do so with a starting budget so that you can start right away after you have done your research. Borrowing money can then be a good option if you don't have any money left over to put into your business. In addition, you will see that you can quickly build something if you put a lot of energy into it. 

How to become more successful

Achieving success does not come naturally to everyone. Most people who want it know exactly what to do to achieve it. Success also means something different to everyone. Some want to make more money while others want to work independently without having anyone above them. For example, if you are a furniture maker and you do this on a small scale you can decide what kind of commissions you take on. If you do this for fun you can filter even more. But when you're really doing it to make a living you naturally want to try to take on as many assignments as possible so you can make money more easily and turn your hobby into your job. How you get those assignments also depends on how you are as a person and how you project this to the outside world. If you go to events often, you will also get to know people more often.

Investing money in marketing

You can also look at investing money and time in marketing. Not only going to social events is good for getting to know people but you can already reach a lot of people through social media and your website. When you post the right content you will be discovered faster by people, which means you can get more commissions or people will want to buy your already existing product. You can then at some point even outsource work by having others make it under you, or have a manufacturer do the work. That way you can sell multiple runs of the item. But when you want to be less commercial, the furniture you make can also be worth more because the print run is lower.

Why social media is important

Social media gives you the opportunity to build a following which can mean more sales. You quickly reach more people and when you have a message to tell with your concept you can do it quickly this way. In addition, with a large audience behind you, you can also introduce other concepts because this is picked up faster than if you have to start from scratch.

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